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JDC Poker Tables is a small shop located in Central New Jersey that provides excellent quality poker tables at reasonable prices with premier customer service. Whether you're looking for a basic table built to last, or an elaborate centerpiece for your gaming room, you can rest assured that you'll be getting the best quality poker table out there. Each table is built to the specific requirements of each customer - our primary goal is to ensure that the table you purchase fits your wants, needs and budget. We will work with you to help you determine the size, style, and options that best suits you.

Note that we currently offer delivery or pickup of our tables, we do not ship tables. This is so we can personally set the table up for you and show you how it can be properly assembled and disassembled.

Why Buy a Custom Poker Table?

A custom poker table will immensely enhance your home poker experience! Most home poker nights consist of several friends playing a few rounds of Texas Hold’em on a kitchen table or a folding table in someone’s basement.  When playing on a regular table, shuffling and dealing can be difficult as it’s hard to pick up a playing card from a hard, flat surface, and the cards don’t slide well on the table cloth.  It's also next to impossible to peak at your hole cards on a hard table top without sliding them to the edge of the table or physically picking them up.

All that changes with a custom poker table!  On a nice speed cloth playing surface, the cards will glide with ease, so dealing cards from the end of the table is no longer a problem.  The padded playing surface makes peaking at your hole cards a snap, and makes shuffling and picking up the deck to deal much easier.  You’ll find that your games will run much more smoothly, with fewer misdeals and accidentally exposed cards.  Add to that the comfort of laying your elbows on a cushioned rail, and you’ve got a much more pleasant and “professional” poker experience!  Your players will feel like they’re playing down at the Borgata or on television at a World Series of Poker event!

A Commitment to Quality

A question that is often asked of us is why would one pay several hundred dollars on a custom table when one could be purchased from a large internet site or a department store for a $150. The answer is simply quality - this is truly a case of "you get what you pay for". These cheaper tables are often made of substandard materials - particle board and plastic framing, padding that will quickly loss its cushion, and felt that will pill and peel within a few weeks.  Our tables are crafted with high quality materials – we use cabinet grade plywood, premium high density padding, casino grade playing surfaces, and durable vinyl rail coverings. These tables are as good if not better than any table you'll play at in a casino, and with proper use, they will last a long time.