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Our primary goal as JDC Poker Tables is providing our customers with the best quality poker table that suits their particular needs, all for a great price.

What should I look for in a Custom Poker Table?

Custom poker tables come in many sizes, colors, and configurations.  JDC Custom Poker Tables can help making a decision on the right poker table for you easy.  Please read through below information about our poker table options.  Having the answers to some of these general questions should give you a better understanding of what you’re looking for and the type of setup you need.  With this basic information about table size, style, mobility requirement and your budget, we can offer advice on styles/features that may benefit you most and different options you may be interested in.

Table Size

The major factor in determining what size poker table you need is how you are planning on using the table.  What kinds of poker events do you typically host?  Do you always have the same 5-6 guys playing cash ring games, or do you have a slightly larger “guest list”, where you sometimes have smaller crowds and sometimes have larger tournaments with 10+ players?  Also, if you typically do have 5-6 players, are you open to hosting larger games?  From personal experience, a nice customized poker table will draw the interest of additional players to your games – it’s a chance to play like a pro without the huge buy-in of a large professional poker tournament!

Another important thing to consider when determining your poker table size is mobility – will this table travel to other homes on a tourney circuit?  Does is need to fit in the back of a truck or SUV?  The answers to the above questions will determine the size of the table you’ll need.

Our two standard sizes are a 48” round table, seating 6, and a 44”x92” oval table, seating 10.  We can also design other variations and sizes to accommodate your needs, including long 9' dealer tables.

Overall Style

There are two overall styles of poker tables - Full Felt and Racetrack.

Full felt tables are exactly as the name states; your table’s playing surface will be a single “felt” material, usually consisting of either an ultra soft velveteen or casino speed cloth.  The playing surface is surrounded by a padded rail, cushioned with high density foam and covered in faux leather vinyl.

Racetrack tables also have a felt playing surface; however, the felt is surrounded by a 3” to 6” wide racetrack, usually consisting of a stained & finished wood.  The racetrack has two functions.  The first is to mark the betting line – players store their chips on the racetrack and move their bets onto the playing surface.  The second is purely cosmetic – racetrack tables tend be more attractive than standard full felt tables and accept upgrades like cup holders more elegantly.  They appear more like a nice piece of furniture instead of “just” a card table.  A handsomely finished racetrack table may be an easier sell to a spouse who isn’t thrilled with the idea of a poker table in the house – it will make your game room the envy of your friends and family!


Where do you plan on keeping your poker table?  Do you have a full time space in a recreation or game room for the table, or will you need your table to be collapsible to store out of the way, like in a closet or under a bed?  Will the table be staying at your home, or will it be traveling to other locations for other tournaments?  All sizes and styles of tables can be made with various supporting legs to accommodate your needs.  If you need your table to be quickly setup or taken down for storage, standard folding table legs may suit your table best.  If your looking for mobility but don’t like the look of folding table legs, we can use removable steel legs that are very sturdy, easily removable, and offer a more aesthetically pleasing look to the table.  If you have a permanent home for your table and really want to impress your poker crew, we can finish off your table with a beautiful set of oak pedestal legs, stained and finished to match your color scheme or racetrack.


While all of the above questions are important in determining what you need out of your poker table, the single most important factor in any purchase is typically how much you would like to spend.  Our goal is to provide you with an affordable quality poker table.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive table top setup to be used for an occasional poker night, our product is probably not what you're looking for. For those types of tables, large department stores like Wal-Mart or Target are your best bet.  However, keep in mind that you do get what you pay for – particle board and plastic construction, cheap feeling padding that won’t last, and felt that will pill and peel within a few weeks.  Our tables are crafted with high quality materials – we use cabinet grade plywood, premium padding, casino grade playing surfaces, and durable rail coverings.  With proper use, these tables will last a long time.

Once you’ve decided on owning a quality table, there are a vast array of options at your disposal.  Our standard “no frills” table is a great option for those who a want a solid poker table at a reasonable price.  This table consists of a full felt style with your choice of playing surfaces and vinyl rail coverings.  The table comes with heavy duty banquet table style folding legs.

Our standard racetrack tables incorporate everything from the “no frills” table plus your choice of an oak or birch racetrack, stain color, and gloss or semi-gloss polyurethane finish.

For those who want a table with more accessories, there are numerous upgrades that can be incorporated into your table.  Some of these upgrades include:

  • Cup Holders
    • Installed in either the racetrack, playing surface, or padded rail
    • Plastic, stainless steel, or brass option
    • Regular sized to fit cans and bottles or Jumbo sized to fit pint glasses, large cups and koozies
  • “Finished Edge” table base – an exposed full length finished wood edge under the padded rail with decorative nail heads
  • Lighted Rail - LED lighting under the rail for accent lighting
  • Personalized Playing Cloth
    • Personalize your playing surface with a logo or some artwork
    • Done with dye sublimation – the color will never run or fade!
  • Customer options
    • If you have an idea for your table, let us know, we’ll do our best to make it work!

Thank you for considering JDC Poker Tables for your custom poker table.  For a quote on the poker table with the options you're looking for, or for any general questions, please send us an email and we'll get to you as soon as possible. We will gladly answer all questions and offer as much advice as we can to help bring your perfect poker table to life!